Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So I used the word "surrender" in another place in which I like to wax poetic from time to time.

The context was that I was going to surrender to sleep, and I meant it, but, because it is, perhaps, entirely possible that some of the readers there know me well enough to know there's often more to my writing than meets the eye, I realized that for many who read it, the word surrender seemed self-defeating and therefore out of character for me. It summoned up some reactions I'd not anticipated.

Sometimes, when we've worked so hard at something, focused so much, strived for an unattainable goal, tried to force a puzzle piece, hoped with every fiber of our beings, bargained with ourselves and/or him or her or them, simply done all we can do, there comes a time when we must surrender in order to allow something better to take hold. Sometimes, the courage to surrender is far greater than the courage to keep pushing, and often there are missed opportunities simply because we fail to surrender the comfort of what is known for the challenge of what is not.

Even in the most trying times I've found that understanding this, learning this, owning this, living this, provides an unparalleled sense of peace that resides deep within us, a reminder that sometimes, freeing ourselves through the act of surrender is, indeed, a reflection of our strength, self-awareness, and ability to persevere.