Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Wonder...

I wonder how one justifies a lie of omission as more acceptable than one that is spoken aloud.

I wonder how one fib, told to try to soften a blow, is uttered and tolerated by anyone who understands and practices universal truth.

I wonder how one can fail to understand that any untruth that is presented and ultimately accepted, no matter how small or seemingly benign, turns into another untruth and then another... until eventually, words just roll off the tongue with little regard to their veracity because, by that point, the truth is simply so blurred one might not even recognize it any longer.

I wonder how one believes that hiding things or lacking transparency or failing to discuss thoughts and feelings rather than determining on one's own what someone else might think, believe or feel, protects and honors that other human being.

I wonder what makes me want to not trust my gut... because my gut is right on a regular basis.