Monday, April 6, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy Today...

1. Exhibit B got accepted at the fancy private school. I don't know if he'll go or not, but it's nice to see his abilities recognized.

2. My father was the world's greatest pediatrician. I am angry at him for dying on me before I had children, each of whom he would have adored. However, he also had, as his closest friends, the rest of the world's really fabulous pediatric specialists. One of them called me yesterday post casual conversation with The Queen, asking for Exhibit C's records to be Fed Ex'ed next week so the head of a particularly appropriate pediatric specialty at a world reknown place could review them. Looks like I might be making a trip back home soon.

3. I'm going back to work today for a couple of hours and, believe it or not, that does, indeed, make me happy. Do what you love... love what you do.

4. In related news, I simply don't care anymore about a certain dramatic situation over which I have little control. I have spent entirely too much time and energy on it and, in the end, whatever will be will be. Deep down all involved know what is right and what should happen, but I hold out little hope that it will, and I have accepted that. If, by chance, it goes my way, I'll be over the moon happy. If it doesn't, as a wise friend told me, "it's money in the bank".

5. I realized yesterday morning that I should have been waking up in a different time zone... in a different space... in a different situation... doing something different... and as sad as I was not to be, I am happy that I recognize that, whether others appreciate it or not, I do have some pretty amazing qualities, including a hell of a lot of inner strength, the ability to remain positive in the face of adversity, an undeniable impact on the people who I choose to let get close to me, a strong sense of justice, the ability to show love and appreciation to the people that add value to my life, and a stubborn independence that might make a few people a little crazy but, at the end of the day, they respect me for it.

6. Over the weekend I reconnected with someone who I've not heard from in almost 2 years. I've missed our friendship greatly for many reasons, not the least of which is that he always understood that there is no item number 6.

7. I feel blessed that I have the ability to express my feelings in words, both spoken and written. No one ever has to wonder where they stand with me... and I think that's a good thing.

8. Spring break makes me happy even when I'm not on some fabulous vacation. I love that the kids can sleep in and that life is not ruled by "the schedule" for a little while. I couldn't live that way all the time, but I appreciate the ease of it today.

9. We're making s'mores for dessert tonight. That's just pure happiness inside a graham cracker sammich.

10. This morning The Wonder Cat was missing. Last I saw he was curled up with me when I wasn't feeling so hot last night. He gets it. He's an indoor cat but every once in a great while he sneaks out with the pooches. He's sneaky like that. He doesn't have front claws, has absolutely no fear of anyone or anything, including large dogs, and we have coyotes in our neighborhood that think cats are a tasty treat. It was cold and windy and I knew if he'd gotten out & been OK, he would have been waiting at the door this morning, but there was no sign of him, which was worrisome. However, I should probably mention that, like Big Dumb Dog, he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He's also ridiculously clumsy. Apparently, he did get out last night and somehow got himself trapped under the deck stairs. So I'm happy that, as I type, I have a purring kitty sound asleep in my lap.

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Jude said...

Purring kitties are the ultimate form of pure, unadulterated happiness.

Congrats to B! And to C. Very different times of hope, yes?


(oh and it occurs to me that I post here under my "other" name - I'm Slugger!)