Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Still That Mom

I'm that mom. You know, the one I've talked about before. The one that shows up to school events sweaty, in spandex, sporting pigtails and bandanas while the other moms show up in perfume, pearls and heels with perfectly coiffed hair. I'm the one that can't make it to Starbucks to hang out every week because I'm taking the peanut for a slog in the jogger, teaching spin, taking Strike or practicing yoga. I'm also that mom at the dance studio. I have even been known to go for a run on site between rehearsals and recitals, but I promise I clean up OK for the actual performances.

Between recitals on Sunday, Exhibit A took a nasty spill on the steps leading to the balcony. She had an impressive scrape, bump and bruise on her shin. She still had two recitals to go and I knew it had to have hurt. I gave her the appropriate amount of sympathy, told her not to take "break a leg" quite so literally, got a smile from her then wished her luck for the last shows of the weekend.

She danced like an angel the rest of the afternoon, with the passion and energy she always brings forth. She was on cloud 9 at her celebratory dinner out but once at home, I noticed that she was walking across the floor. Now this may not sound all that unusual, but it is important to understand that when The Prima moves from point A to point B, she typically throws in at least one twirl, leap, battement or chassé. I asked her how her leg was feeling and she stopped and looked right at me. She told me it was painful and that it had been during her performances. I told her one never would have guessed. She responded with the following statement:

"I got through it. I just thought to myself of all the times when you hurt so bad but you keep on going. You don't let it slow you down. You even ride your bike for a lot of miles and you never disappoint people that count on you for stuff."

And with that, she said goodnight, turned away and disappeared upstairs while I stood there utterly touched and utterly speechless.

So it seems that now, more than ever before, I am OK with being that mom.


Robert Lejeune said...

You must be so proud of your little princesse.

Wow, this is really touching, if I was not a guy I would say you got a tear out of me this morning ;)

Anonymous said...

Some call it a work ethic...I think you have demonstrated and now "A" too shows that it is so much more than that. It's a Life Ethic.


Anonymous said...

You get an A+ as a mom! YOu have done it - you have suceeded! Exhibit A understands and did what most people can't - she stepped up to the plate even when it hurt and didn't feel "right". That will go a LONG way in life.

Almost makes the rest of it worth it huh:)

And yes - the Old Bald Hardass had a tear in his eye too!


lampdog said...

omg, Mila, that is the most awesome thing I've ever heard a kid say - no lie - that's my dream compliment! I think you just got the Purple Heart for mothering!

Oh, btw, this is Celia - you don't know me, but I follow you sometimes thru Jamie and J22's bt and fb posts. Your posts crack me up!