Sunday, February 14, 2010


Lighting struck all around as they went riding with the top down. Soon enough the rain began to fall. He assured her they could outrun the rain. The first red light proved problematic in this respect, yet it was so utterly giggle-worthy that she couldn't help but smile... then laugh...the kind of laugh long since abandoned once things got complicated. As they sat at the red light soaking up the rain and chuckles, he mentioned that it was "a dry rain", a joke created years before in the middle of a desert during a rare yet incredibly beautiful rain-turned-snow shower.

Her thoughts wandered back to a carefree kind of night where time, seemingly, stood still. A time when everything was easy and the biggest decisions were as simple as which club and what time. Sitting on a playground swing, talking for hours, laughing over the little things in life, the rain came and neither of them bothered to move. The conversation just kept right on going and, eventually, he kissed her in that rain storm.

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