Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Resident Writer

As I sat on the sofa trying not to bleed on pretty pink satin, wondering how on earth I managed to birth a child whose passion requires that I singe ribbons and sew things with sharp needles and dental floss, said child looked at me with those baby blues and said, "You know, mom, writing is kinda my thing."

It wasn't really news to me, she used to shut herself in her room for hours and write and illustrate stories, but I asked her if she had something new she wanted to share. She'd been working on a poem for a county contest, the theme of which this year is Beauty and had just finished it.

Beauty is Dance
- by Exhibit A

Dancing is meaning
Beauty in both
Dancing is feeling
Love with no words

Dancing is flawless
Worshipping perfection
Dancing is art
Picasso with no brush

Dancing is passion
Knowing what you want
Dancing is grace
Walking with talent

Dancing is learning
No wisdom too much
Dancing is breath taking
Stunningly elegant
Dancing is Beauty

And so it seems that at her young age she's already figured out that when you write from your heart, when you write about that which you are passionate, you create unparalleled beauty in your words.

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Sal P said...

She takes after her must be proud...