Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Very Own Moment

I wasn't able to eat at all today, save for a package of Chomps, a peppermint mocha and two wheat thins.

Feeling crappy due to the calorie deficit, I decided at 8:30 PM that maybe, just maybe, I needed to create an "experience" for myself rather than simply force myself to eat.

I carefully chopped and sliced and melted and poured then grabbed the most recent issue of Real Simple. I sat down at the table by myself with a glass of malbec, and a plateful of carrots, celery, a granny smith apple and a few slices of from a sourdough baguette, all of which I dipped into cheese fondue while leafing through my magazine and sipping my wine.

I was, in that moment, utterly and completely sustained.

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