Friday, April 9, 2010

There Will Be an Answer

And so it came to pass today that I found myself surrounded by various people who are involved in the care and keeping of one cranky, albeit sassy, princess. I assure you, this is not an enviable position in which to find oneself, for me or for them.

It's exciting times for these folks when someone like me comes in while "active" and with out of the box symptomatology. I vaguely remember a flurry of activity and an injection as well as Ms. WhyNPsAreSometimesWayBetterThanDocs (AKA: The Angel) pulling out her cell phone and placing a call to a new rheumy she had just had lunch with to personally make me an appointment for next week and asking one of her assistants to phone Dr. RollsHerEyesAtMe and Dr. LooksAtMyMushyBrainz to give them an update and state her plan of action... and trust me, it was a statement, she never once was seeking their opinions.

As Ms. MightAsWellBeAVampire was sucking me dry to fill up vial #5, The Angel leaned over to me and whispered, "There's something here. I know it. You just need someone to connect the dots now. This time, we will get it figured out, and there WILL be an answer."

Let it be.


Haley said...

I *heart* NP's, especially ones who specialize in women's care. Not necessarily more holistic medicine, but definitely a more caring approach.

I like this one you blog of.

Steph Bachman said...

Here's hoping that there is a good answer, one that makes you feel terrific and ready to eat pizza.