Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some Kind of Help...

really isn't all that helpful.

I would like to go on record with this: Unless you live it, I know more about my illness than you.

Therefore, it is not necessary for the following kinds of help:

1. Intrawebz links to "new" medical findings. I'm pretty sure all of my doctors read every journal that relates to their specialties. I'm good, thanks.

2. Suggestions that vitamins might be the answer. Really? What kinds of vitamins did you have in mind beause last time I checked, Fred Flintstones couldn't cure any incurable illnesses.

3. Green Tea. Don't get me wrong, I love green tea. In fact, I have a cup of peppermint green tea sitting right here next to me. However, it makes me cranky that green tea is now seen as the solution to everything. You're tired? Have you tried green tea? Yes. You can't fall asleep? Have you tried green tea? Yes. You're forgetful? Have you tried green tea? Not sure, can't remember.

4. I know a doctor. Do you want me to tell him about you? Ummmm... not really. I tell my own doctors plenty about me. It's kinda fun 'cause it makes them wanna bang their heads against the wall and roll their eyes but instead they just smile. I don't have time to train another doctor. Clearly.

There's so much more but you get the point. I know people are trying to be helpful but sometimes it's hard not to laugh. Out loud. A lot.

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Laura Arual said...

As someone with a mild medical life-long ailments, I hate the questions and then the wellmeaning advice It makes me want to scream in their faces, but I am too polite.