Friday, December 16, 2011

If I Had 24 Hours to Live...

I would spend time with the people I love. We would laugh and play and I’d tell them stories of the past and explain to them exactly how much they mean to me and why. I’d ask them to share with me their hopes, dreams, aspirations... and make them promise me they would fulfill them.

I would listen to music of every genre and maybe recount the feelings and stories that some of the songs would surely conjure, because music is powerful like that.

I would be on the beach, I’d practice yoga there and go horseback riding and take some time to listen to the waves crash onto the shore.

I would hug my children as tightly as I could in the hopes that they would always remember how a mother’s love feels. I’d give each of them a carefully crafted letter with some words of love and encouragement and maybe even some wisdom that might help or inspire them in the future.

I would watch the sunset on the edge of my seat as if I were watching the best part of a movie.

And then I would sit back and reflect upon a life well lived, feeling humbled by the people who believed in me, and grateful for the opportunities and experiences that presented themselves throughout my days. I’d smile to myself knowing that I did, indeed, find peace, love and freedom in my lifetime.

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