Sunday, August 31, 2008

In Little Things, There is Happiness...

... even a cranky princess knows this!

Today I rode my pretty bike a distance that might seem long to some folks but it's become about average for me. I like to ride my bike... sometimes even in triathlons, because I'm just sassy like that. I rode alone today which is not my usual M.O. since I have fabulous friends who also share my passion, but I thoroughly enjoyed the solitude of this ride. I saw five wild turkeys and some deer and lots and lots of hottt bikes. Funny, I used to actually notice the cyclists first but now it's the ride that catches my eye.

For whatever reason, I have found a mind body connection when I'm riding a bike that is akin to doing yoga for me. I really just get into a zone, it's like an escape. I love the feel of being out there for myself on my bike and the simplicity of it can't be understated. Whether it's a 60 minute ride or a 60 mile ride, in it, I find joy and the ability to be just a little less cranky.

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