Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This, That and The Other

So many thoughts, so little time to write.

I like to be in control. I'm a charge taker. Now this is no secret to anyone who knows me and it's not as if I didn't already know this about myself, but what I've realized lately is that I actually miss having a "real" job. Sure, I love my business and I love what I do for my endurance program and cycle gig... but that's different. I get a certain thrill out of the day to day problem solving, number crunching, people managing stuff involved in running a successful business. It would probably be different if I had to work or if I had to have set hours, but I don't and so, for now, I'm entertaining the possibility.

I have sunk to new lows. I actually watched the tail end of The Bachelor the other night while I was doing my nightly routine of writhing around in excruciating pain. For the record? I'm all for a sensitive man... but seriously? What a freakin' crybaby.

Speaking of babies, my oldest "baby" came home from dance on Cloud 9 last night. She has been "approved" for pointe. She is bursting with excitement. Regardless of how I feel healthwise, today we will be very ceremoniously purchasing her first pair of pointe shoes. This is a huge deal in the life of a dancer. We got a long letter from two of her ballet teachers. My favorite part? "She will have her first day of pointe class on Tuesday, March 17th. Please plan to join us for this special event where she will learn to put the shoes on, tie the ribbons, go up on pointe and learn how to smile while she is in pain. Bring your camera and your encouragement, it is a day to remember."

I guess it runs in the family.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your up and coming dancer! You should be proud that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree (the pain part).

That is why I could never be a dancer. I love pain - I have no desire to smile through it. The ugly grimice is part of my mental game :)

On the job front I'll share a thought with you that I tell every one of my new employee's. The real key to a successful career is doing something you love. It is not about money. I hope and pray you find that love.


Jessica said...

I totally want a job right now, too! It's all about creating flow (optimal experience)..the magical mixture of challenge and skill that leads to personal satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

And so it begins. Mazel tov!

You stand en pointe toujours aussi - a l'intérieur! Now your daughter gets to feel in her bones the grace and poise that is her mother.


rhodespedal said...

You're low was my low the other night as well and I LOVE you for totally writing what I was saying to boyfriend extraordinaire that night... what a freakin' crybaby! It was soooo annoying. Freakin' get over it, already! I have never had a student in an entire year cry as much as Mr. Bachelor cried that one stupid episode! This only further justifies why I don't usually watch this stupid crap.
I love that your daughter's dance instructor is making the first experience of putting on your pointe shoes such a celebrated moment. It should be. When you dance your little tutu off and FINALLY here you are approved to be in pointe's pure, raw heaven and deserves a magical moment. Massive congrats to your petite dancer!