Friday, August 6, 2010

National Dance Day

I was a fan of the National Dance Day concept. It's silly and stoopid and all kinds and sorts of cheesy... but the ability to dance as if no one is watching and do so with a huge smile on your face is, in fact, priceless. Inspiring a huge number of people to do it across the country on a given day? Even more so.

In my line of work, we "dance" as if no one is watching on a daily basis. We make a living by putting ourselves out there, standing in front of 6 or 60 people who walk through the doors with a variety of agendas, who maybe are there just to check off the box for the day, or perhaps to blow off steam, deal with stress, train hard or to simply get lost in the moment and be entertained. They look to us for all of these things and more and the best we can do is hope that we deliver and connect with each and every one of them on some level. The only way to do this, really, is to be genuine, regardless of how much of ourselves we must leave exposed.

For me, this is the way I handle myself professionally as well as personally. There is some emotional risk involved, of course, as we're all only human with sometimes fragile egos, but I believe the benefits far outweigh this risk.

So here goes, my very favorite National Dance Day celebration, from my kingdom to yours. Watch it and smile and maybe, just maybe, dance right along with the princesses... as if no one is watching.

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Allyson said...

aw...we are honored to have made your blog ;) (front and center princess in the vid!)