Sunday, October 31, 2010

All I Need to Know

Tonight I decided I had to have one last conversation... I laid it all out. I explained where I was and how I'd arrived at that place and the paths that might have led me elsewhere. I decribed the process and made clear my perspective, backing up my assertions with concrete examples. I reminded him of offers made, actions forgiven and hopes that die last. I asked the questions that needed asking and received exactly the answers I expected to receive.

And in the midst of this conversation, while saying all the right things at all the right times, he opened his computer and checked his fantasy football scores.

That's really all I need to know.


Kelly said...

I am sorry. I have been there. :(

The Cranky Princess said...

Thanks, Kelly. It is what it is and will be what it will be.

Windnsnow said...

Laptops have liberated us from a whole realm of restrictions...and have enslaved us to a whole new world of obsessive and avoidance behaviours.

They are a lot like booze. Sometimes they bring out, unfiltered, what is harboured within.


DittyMac said...

You can live with it. You don't have to but you can. You already know that.