Friday, January 25, 2013

Change of Venue

For years I have blogged primarily in a space that I deemed safer than Hissy Fits: a small community with plenty'o'privacy and a familiarity with the incredible folks there that could make even the iciest of hearts, like mine, melt (just a little, of course).

Sure, I would pop over to Hissy Fits to develop deeper thoughts sparked by the silliness I wrote there, but it is there that the majority of my day to day musings has dwelled. Years of memories are preserved there, and I suspect it's probably time to begin a memory migration, of sorts.

Further, it feels as though it's time for some changes in my kingdom, including a new venue for my ridiculously random, daily-ish thoughts. The aforementioned spot has changed quite a bit and, frankly, I have, too, as we all do, through experiencing the lessons life presents.

And so it seems that Hissy Fits will become a busier place... until such time as yet another change in venue is in order.

1 comment:

chr15 said...

I have noticed the changes too. I'm gonna make what I can of it for now but have also found another place, somewhere I am insignificant and anonymous.

Good luck sweetpea.