Saturday, January 26, 2013

Really Random Thoughts...

1.  I just saw that rose gold and one piece bathing suits are in style.  Hmmmm... I am glad I am not particularly concerned about being a fashionista because there's way too much with which to keep up. I prefer my sparkly things, you know, like tiaras, set in platinum, thankyouverymuch. Additionally, I am contractually obligated to wear a bikini while doing a very important job on the bows of a variety of boats, so these developments could prove problematic.

2.  I look for signs of strength in so many areas of my life, and part of being strong includes a willingness to take care of me.  One of the ways I like to show others that I care about them is through cooking.  Yet, when I find myself alone, I subsist, primarily, on oatmeal, nut thins and water.  I need to do a better job of taking care of me in this regard.

3.  I miss skating.  A lot.  I still have my last pair of competitive skates; they sit, collecting dust, in my basement, a well worn pair of Riedell Gold Stars, purchased 30 years ago or so.  They no longer fit me the way they once did...where once they felt heavenly, they now feel tight and foreign on my feet, and the Ace blades have been sharpened so often that they are practically non-existent.  I can't even imagine how different the top of the line skates today feel, though I am sure I would be amazed.

The rink is my happy place.  It is the place to which I long to return when I have big thoughts through which to work, and yet the ice has been sorely lacking in my life for the last several years, years that provided, the arguably biggest thoughts to think.  

4.  AJ, the five month old lab-mix pound puppy, is terrified of Bailey The Wonder Cat. Bailey The Wonder Cat is acutely aware of the power he holds over AJ, and was just seen chasing the whimpering, tail tucked pup (who, incidentally, is clearly much bigger than the cat) down the hall. It's kind of how I envision people running away from me when I am in the midst of a particularly passionate hissy fit. Bailey is a badass.

5. Someone recently asked me who the caretaker of my emotions is... it was a question of love stemming from an observation that I spend a great deal of time in the care and keeping of the important people around me. I immediately responded that I am responsible for my own emotions, I take care of me. Upon further reflection, however, I have decided that it would be nice, in a perfect world, to have a prince charming who viewed this task as a shared responsibility.

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Faline said...

There are quite a few of us who are thrilled that one-pieces are in style. I realize that this puts just a little chink in the SBZ thing, but it's a small enough chink, so not to worry.