Thursday, June 25, 2009

Swan Signs

In my kingdom there is a road that runs right next to the edge of a lake. Ever since moving here, each time I drive on that road I try to use extreme caution because in the back of my mind I realize that one false move, one small driver error, could have a devastating effect involving my royal chariot rolling into the drink.

I drove there purposefully last night and thought the usual thoughts though, admittedly, I struggled with the concept of extreme caution versus extreme recklessness. I parked and sat by the water's edge, listening to it lapping the shore. I watched and waited, wondering if the beautiful ambassadors of the lake would make their way over to me even in the dead of night. True to form, shortly after my arrival, the male swan glided effortlessly across the lake, his enormous wings standing proud and forming that familiar heart shape as if he was reminding me that where there is love, there is hope and with hope, all things are possible. The moment was fleeting. Once he ascertained that I wasn't much of a threat and didn't come bearing food, he decided to go back to his mate.

I gave that due consideration and, after a few minutes spent reflecting on the events of my day, I hopped back in the car and carefully navigated my way back home.

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