Thursday, September 11, 2008

United We Stand

Like so many others, I was personally touched by the tragic events of 9-11. My grandfather worked in the WTC and much of my misspent youth was, in fact, misspent in NYC. I forged friendships there and made connections among my grandfather's associates, many of whom lost their lives by simply showing up for work on that fateful day. Additionally, someone very close to me was one of the first respondents at the Pentagon and each year his haunting description of the scene comes flooding back to me.

As such, this is a tough day for me. However, it has become a tradition for me to bake. Yes, bake. I take a bunch of yummy things to the fire station near my house. I had a rough night with my health demons screaming at me, I'm tired and I hurt and I don't feel much like baking today, but there are days when firefighters don't feel much like putting out fires, I suppose. So bake I will, and when my exhibits arrive home this afternoon, we'll rally and deliver... and we shall never forget to do so.

Honor those that put their lives on the line without hesitation every day, whether they are as close to home as a short walk or an ocean... a continent... a world away.

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