Sunday, September 7, 2008

While You Were Out... The CP Edition.

Yesterday I was gone all day for a command performance not so conveniently located an hour and a half away from home. Well, yeah, OK, more like 2 hours when you get lost in the middle of of nowhere and have to stop at a hunting shop to ask for directions. I can only imagine the discussion that went on between Bobby and Bubba after I left considering I was dressed in a cycle skort and PI string tank in the subtle shade of lime green, but I digress. It was sort of a wasted day except for the part where I did a 50-mile bike ride through some beautiful countryside.

Back on the homefront, however...
1. Exhibit C had his first soccer game. Keep in mind he's tiny so his soccer shirt comes down to his ankles. In case you were wondering, no, in fact they do not make soccer socks small enough for his feet so instead he's using a pair of hand-me-down anklets from his big sister. They fit his feet and come up to his knees. I'm clever like that. I was able to find cleats and they're about the cutest things ever. Big kids took some great pics for me.... while I was out.
2. Exhibit B had his first soccer game of the season. After two undefeated years (both fall and spring leagues) they lost 2-0. Sounds like they played well but the other team was older so therefore more experienced with full field play. It was the first game in the new age division for our guys. It's eleven 8-year old boys and one girl who we shall call Bianca. The girl is, of course, the rockstar on the team and wasn't at the game yesterday. Their team name? Bianca and the Boys. Sounds more like a porn movie title than a kids' soccer team, n'est ce pas? Apparently, Exhibit B played a great game... while I was out.
3. Exhibit A, a.k.a. the Prima Ballerina, decided that dancing two roles in the Nutcracker just isn't enough, so she auditioned for Polichinelles. It's a role she's coveted throughout the years and, arguably, the most fun part in the production (though when she was the Arabian rug it was way cool, too). Survey says? She made it. This means she'll be cast in every show instead of just half of them. Lord help me. Her head exploded when she got the news... while I was out.
4. Exhibit B went to a friend's house. I'm thinking of asking said friend's father for some financial advice. Last time we went to the friend's house they lived in a very small townhouse on the other side of town. Yesterday they mentioned they'd moved over the summer. Ummmm... yeah... to a freakin mansion! I tried to play 20 questions with Exhibit B... "so, is it just them living there or do they have some extended family there, too?". I tried to avoid asking him who died and left the millions. Yeah, yeah, OK, millionaire next door and all but you have to admit it's a little odd squishing a large family into a tiny space if you could have afforded something still modest but slightly bigger and now this? O-D-D. So anyway, Exhibit B got to see the fancy new digs... while I was out.
5. The familyminusme went to hang out at a friend's house and were served some gourmet South African fare for dinner. Who knew lamb would be on the menu? Geeze, they could have at least served gazelle or something... while I was out.

So, other than that, it was pretty quiet around here yesterday... while I was out.

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Your Pal, Rocket Man said...

Nice new blog....I used to have one before they blocked it at work. You see work is the only time I have to goof off and do things that normally I don't have time to do outside of work.

You sure are cranky alot (just an observation...:))