Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Foe and the Friends

There is a darkness enveloping me. I am fighting it constantly, and I believe I am winning that fight on some levels, but I fear I am losing most everything else in the process.

It will pass, and I've lived it long enough to understand that. I know what needs doing but I'm having such difficulty finding the energy and means to get it all done. I've lost myself and maybe others along the way.

On the plus side, I know exactly who my real friends are at this very moment. It's a small circle of incredible people and I thank them for all that they are and the strength they share with me. They've never run a mile in my Asics, yet there is a quiet understanding, a solidarity among us, and a collective sass factor of off the chain.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Princess! trust me when I say I know what the darkness looks like (and I wouldn't wish it on any one even my worst enemy). I look The Darkness in the face many times a week and livng in this God forsaken cold dark climate doesn't help at time.

I hope that a little light and warmth comes into your life today. You've brought that to my life many times!